After several years of studies and practices of many kinds, especially in the human being understanding, personal development, alternative therapies, philosophical and spiritual experiences, I followed my passion for other dimensions of consciousness, invisible energies and unknown worlds to gain a better understanding of the interdimensional being we are.

And it is a pleasure for me to share with others the knowledge acquired over time in the form of conferences or workshops.

Looking forward to meeting you soon,

Aline Martin
Lecturer of several seminars in different centers and universities.

Author of 4 books (not translated): J’ai vu les Fées (I saw the fairies), Les secrets de Cristalie (The secrets of Cristalie) and Ribambelle d’enfants (Children String, Les belles émotions (Beautiful Emotions).

28 years of training with IJP Appel-Guéry – “Unitary Science Institute of the Intra-Universe”
5 years at the “Institute for the Transpersonal Development of Human Beings” with Jean-Paul Pageau
Training “Edgar Cayce” methods with Raymond Castonguay
“Floral Elixirs” with Fantasia
“Amerindian Shamanic Initiation for Women” with Suzanne Paquette
“Gaia Initiation” with Daniele Laberge from “Armoire aux Herbes”
“Introduction to Kriya Yoga by Babaji” with Marshall Govindan
“Training in Hatha and Yatha Yoga” with Gérard Fortier
“Initiation to Spontaneous QiQong” with Raymond Dubois
“Training to help persons at risk of committing suicide”

Information: Facebook – Aline LightFairy