Becoming a Messenger from the Heaven

Becoming a messenger from the heaven

Mediums, or “channels”, are people who receive information from other dimensions. The way many people practice this “channelling” often implies the integration of another source of energy, other than their own, into their consciousness or their body.

Telepathic contact, on the other hand, stems from the global elevation of a being in order to reach a vibratory level in contact with superior presences; in other words, the being rises above the horizontal astral layers, by means of spiritual preparation, and physical, psycho-emotional and mental purification, along with service to others. In this way, the perception is refined and becomes increasingly precise.

If a person receives, or wants to receive, messages from invisible worlds, she must direct her communication in order to contact her spiritual father, the superior spirit at the origin of her incarnation. When someone is in contact with their spiritual father, or with superior worlds, they normally are fully conscious. If there is a loss of consciousness, if they go to sleep, they no longer master the communication.

The spiritual father in general will direct the being to situations permitting this being to make a choice, allowing him or her to evolve through various experiences until a level that finally allows these beings to choose the right orientation to leave physical, emotional and karmic pain, and to rebuild their subtle bodies, their vehicles of light. The spiritual father helps the soul incarnated in a physical body by providing opportunities for becoming more complete, for an awakening of the consciousness, and for transforming their life in order to put it at a spiritual level coming closer to the programme that the soul had chosen in order to evolve in this incarnation and to leave the cycle of reincarnations.

If the soul successfully manages to receive important information allowing her to do this, evidence arise within the being, gradually constructing the truth. But the truth, on this planet, is hidden below a layer of unbelievable pseudo-truths, and in general, information do not come from sufficiently high levels.

I think that we should verify the source and value of the information; for if it is too incomplete compared to the totality of the person, it can be comforting, but it does not contain directives or specific elements that might be the rungs leading to the repairing of damages that occurred during certain incarnations. We experimented various personalities in which a part of our soul found itself trapped, or completely disappeared, under significant deviations: the lives of warriors, bandits, tyrants, etc.

Following the reception of important messages, we should have initiatives, organise interventions with other people, manage situations appropriate for the past that we had, or participate in all kinds of achievements giving us the possibility to treat this underlying power, this energy, this karma tied to us, those past actions that polarised us upon this planet because they were unfinished, too violent or destructive. We must know that no entity has the power to instantly save us from our karma.

The human beings have a consciousness and a capacity of choice, which they must use. In doing so, they can evolve, stop killing and destructing for their food or survival, transcend their sexuality, acquire mastery over their energies in order for their psyche to become stronger, grow a strong mental mind and reconnect it to the heaven, and acknowledge the truth through their own experience and that of others.