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La véritable histoire des religions – La conspiration du Christ
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Les preuves et sources des écrits de Acharya S – Textes et photos à l’appui

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As one of the main sources for the religion part of the first ―ZEITGEIST‖ film, which has been viewed evidently over 100 million times worldwide, I have spent the past several years defending this ―Part 1‖ and bringing forth its sources into the light of day. I have written not only a number of articles and ebooks but also a nearly 600-page book, Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection, elucidating upon these sources, highlighting the very profound correspondences between Christianity and the ancient Egyptian religion. I have also done a number of videos and audio recordings on this subject as well. 


Le site de Acharya S

Truth Be Known – Site de Acharya S, auteure du livre The Christ Conspiracy



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