Untold Black History

What if the first inhabitants of the American continent were a black race?

Huge carved stones may bear testimonial of this era.

The Olmecs were the earliest known major civilization in Mexico. They lived during the mesoamerican period, from 1500 BCE to about 400 BCE. They left massive sculpted artwork, as discussed in this video, and luxury artifacts that were made from jade, obsidian, magnetite, etc. As these materials came from distant locations, authors suggest that the early Olmecs had an extensive trading network throughout Mesoamerica.

The Information found in this series was compiled by Robert H. Strongrivers and Commitee

Robert H. Strongrivers is The President of the National Olmec American Heritage and Research Committee [N.O.A.H. A.R.C.] , as well as the founder and creator of the Lost Feather Black Indian Website were the original Manuscripts for all of the information can be found.


And an early black civilisation in China too?




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An Indigo Blue Book for the Soul

Are you looking for a new spiritual book to uplift your soul every morning and brighten your day?

All the books by Jean Paul Appel Guéry available in English can be purchased on the web site axiel.com: http://www.axiel.com/lang-en/2-books

For a happy, conscious and enlightened day, choose “DAILY FRIEND” which offers a short text and key-phrase for each day of the year.

Jean Paul Appel Guéry also is a great MUSICIAN. His CD are particularly conducive to meditation.

And for serious study, register at the UNITARY SCIENCE INSTITUTE.

Have a new spiritual experience with the books and teachings by Jean Paul Appel Guéry.




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Black History Month in the USA

What is “Black History Month”?

In 1976, President Gerald R. Ford said that it is meant to “seize the opportunity to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history.” It is observed in the USA, in Canada in February, and in the United Kingdom in October.

Why was February chosen in the USA?

That’s because two prominent figures of Black liberation were born in February: Abraham Lincoln (Feb. 12) and Frederick Douglass (Feb. 14).

The African-American (or Black) February Month has its pros and cons.

Some people say it is extremely important for the nation’s memory and to teach children about a very complex point in the history of their country and the world.

Others criticize its very usefulness, as stated in Wikipedia:

Criticism include questions over whether it is appropriate to confine the celebration of black history to one month, as opposed to integration of black history into the mainstream education the rest of the year. Another criticism is that contrary to the original inspiration for Black History Month, which was a desire to redress the manner in which British schools failed to represent black historical figures as anything other than slaves or colonial subjects, Black History Month reduces complex historical figures to overly simplified objects of hero worship. Another criticism is that the celebration is racist.

What’s your opinion?

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Incredible Indigo Bleu Musicians

Incredible group sings Mr. Brown’s music


And don’t miss their other more personal music either:

ZAP MAMA Time for Love – Live 2014

composed by Marie Daulne & Nia Saw

God bless all the musicians of all origins all over the planet who don’t forget their roots and bring us the gift of their inventions.

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An Extraterrestrial Speaks out of the Indigo Blue

For a dramatic change in perspective, read this book:

“UFOs In the Year of the Dragon”
by Lou Baldin (Author)
Kindle: $1.91 – Paperback $21.95

October 7, 1952
While traveling to Earth, a spectacle of clusters of bright stars glowed before us.
The vehicle’s movement through the soup of energy known as space created a funnel-like vortex from a higher realitu dimension to a lower three-dimensional existence.
Our travel to Earth was a common itinerary in the MIlky Way Galaxy, where billions of utopian planets, moons, and ships, in every conceivable size and scope, exist.
Space travel is a realilty enjoyed by countless advanced sivilization living amongst the endless number of star systems in the universe.
The technology behind the ship I traveled in surpassed theories and conjectures from earthly perspectives concerning spaceflight and physics and resides in the magical and supernatural spectrum, where souls enjoy a far different reality than what is found on Earth-like planets.
My colleagues and I entered a war planet called Earth, where harmony and knowledge of the cosmos elude most of the inhabitants equallly.
The ship came to a sudden stop and Earth appeared in front of us.
I could see clearly the whole time without the aid of physical eyes, as my companions and I were in spirit form while traveling through a quagmire of dimensions.
The vessel contained several beings that were mostly spirits, but other types of beings in various stages of physical garb and variations of ethereal structure traveled on the ship with us. …

(read on Amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/dp/B009L40WBI#reader_B009L40WBI )


A door to other dimensions…


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Rising in the Indigo Blue

Want to learn something new? Discover some unknown part of yourself?

Connect to your Cosmic Dimension!

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Doesn’t Matter if Your’e Black or White, Really?

The Career Competition: Who is most likely to win?

YouTube Preview Image

The Unequal Opportunity Race

This short video dated Nov. 2010 was sponsored by the African American Policy Forum, showing metaphors for obstacles to equality which affirmative action tries to alleviate.


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Visit CielAzul in Ibiza



CielAzul Holiday Resort and Wellbeing Centre

Prepare your next vacation: why not Ibiza, Spain?

YouTube Preview Image


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Indigo Bleu Club Qualitativelife 3D journeys

Club Qualitativelife, an Indigo Bleu Experience into Elsewhere

Take a blue trip into special 3D worlds created just to give you a hint of another reality where the physical body cannot be taken.


Click here and register at the Club Qualitativelife.

Have a nice trip.



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INDIGO Is the Color of the Ajna Chakra

Third Eye 852 hz (Pineal Gland Activator – Spiritual Wisdom)

6th chakra-the eye of wisdom. This chakra is sometimes identified with the pituatory (or pineal) gland, the master gland. This is the third eye. In this center, a person harmonizes the opposing energies, and balances the yin and yang. A person experiences himself in the fullness of the “I Am,” the union of the selves.
The chakra has control over seeing, not only in the physical sense but in the mystical sense. Intuitive seeing, clairvoyance and other forms of knowing and the paranormal are part of this chakra. It controls all higher mental activities. Also, through the power of a person’s mind, he can create new realities for himself on the physical plane. The person activating the th chakra would be concerned with things beyond earthly goals, which divert many people from fulfilling their Dharma.
The essence and function of this chakra is to “see” in the sense that we accept that complete vision will include both darkness and light.
Other Names: Third Eye, Brow, ajna (Sanskrit)
Situated: center of head, behind forehead
Color: Indigo
Element: Light
Area of consciousness: celestial body
It is here that we have “sixth sight,” or the ability to “see” by way of clairvoyance. We use this chakra for visualization, receiving insight or inspiration.
Key Words: intuition, imagination and clairvoyance
Physical organ association: pineal (althought some believe ti is the pituaitary gland)
Relationship: the storehouse and viewing screen of all visual input from our two physical eyes and our “third eye” (the etheric organ of psychic perception}.
Governs: spirituality and the search for meaning in life, instuition, visualization




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