Untold Black History

What if the first inhabitants of the American continent were a black race?

Huge carved stones may bear testimonial of this era.

The Olmecs were the earliest known major civilization in Mexico. They lived during the mesoamerican period, from 1500 BCE to about 400 BCE. They left massive sculpted artwork, as discussed in this video, and luxury artifacts that were made from jade, obsidian, magnetite, etc. As these materials came from distant locations, authors suggest that the early Olmecs had an extensive trading network throughout Mesoamerica.

The Information found in this series was compiled by Robert H. Strongrivers and Commitee

Robert H. Strongrivers is The President of the National Olmec American Heritage and Research Committee [N.O.A.H. A.R.C.] , as well as the founder and creator of the Lost Feather Black Indian Website were the original Manuscripts for all of the information can be found.


And an early black civilisation in China too?




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