Create your own blog

A Mini-tutorial to Create Your Blog with WordPress

Hello, this is a community of bloggers where you can create your own blog.

If you never had a blog of yours and you find it difficult to do for the first time, I have created a mini-tutorial.

Firstly, you need to choose a “theme”, also called a “template”. Go to “appearance” and click on “theme”.

Try them and see how they fit you.

I have based my little tutorial on the “Twenty-ten” theme. That was long ago, and I thought this one was the easiest to use. I don’t like technical complications.

To find it, scroll down from the “Home” menu to the last post in the Homepage.

Good luck, have a nice creative moment.

While you work, listen to this nice soothing music on Youtube:




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Be Happy with the Club Qualitative Life


Now, magic is here to be found in the VIRTUAL 3D WORLDS of CLUB QUALITATIVELIFE.

Register to get all the features and visit certain virtual worlds that are only available for registered members.


And do not miss the VIDEOCONFERENCE page where you can find all details to participate in the Qualitatifelife chats taking place every other Sunday.

Scroll down to the bottom of the Homepage to find my TUTORIAL for a very easy use of WORDPRESS to create your own blog.


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What Is a Blog?

You may wonder what a blog is and why create a blog rather than a web site of your own.

A blog is like an online journal which is displayed in reverse chronological order. You may choose to post new blog entries as often as you desire: more than once per day, daily, weekly, monthly or even at a less frequent interval. You can choose to publish a blog on a specific topic and nothing else; or, the postings in your blog will be typically related in some way but can be about any subject you feel the need to share with other people. Bloggers may maintain a blog for a number of different reasons and these blogs may be private or public in nature.

Maintaining your Blog Private or Public?

Private blogs are ones in which only the blogger and others who have been approved by the blogger can view the blog postings. Public blogs are available to any users of the Internet. A blogger may opt to make a blog private or public depending on whether or not he is comfortable with others reading the blog. For example, a blogger who creates a blog for the purpose of venting about frustrations in life may opt to keep a blog private so friends or family members are not able to read these vents. Conversely a blogger who is blogging for a purpose such as to promote a cause will likely opt to make the blog public so his message can reach as many Internet users as possible.

[“Site Visibility”: To keep your Qualitative Life blog from being seen by unwanted people, go to your Dashboard, on the left-side bottom of the page click on the “Settings” menu and then on “Privacy”. You have two options there: “I would like my blog to be visible to everyone, including search engines…” and “I would like to block search engines, but allow normal visitors”. Tick the one that fits your needs. If you tick the second option, only people who have been given your blog URL will be able to reach your blog, and your blog will not appear in any search engine such as Google or Yahoo!.]

People who create a blog to express themselves through their writing, poetry or other form of expression may opt to make the blog private or public depending on whether or not they want to make these personal feelings available to others, and whether or not they feel that other people may benefit from reading their blogs. Blogging can also be done to stay in touch with family and friends. Blogging in this case can be a great deal of fun but the blogger must be sure to avoid allowing the process of maintaining the blog to become a stressful situation. A blog which is maintained for personal reasons should be an enjoyable experience for the blogger.

Why Not a Professional Blog?

Professionally, a blog can be a good means to share information and keep contact with your customers or clients, especially if you are a therapist or a coach, a freelance writer, researcher or reporter. Creating a blog is much easier than putting up a web site. It takes some computer skills and a good website-creation engine to make your own web site, and you have to define the pages in it once and for all; you need to purchase some server space, and use a specific software to post your site in there.

Conversely, when you create a blog, server space is free and immediately available; you can create your first page right now with the help of a number of easy tools at your disposal, and it is immediately online as soon as you push the “Publish” button. You can edit it any time, and add more entries and pages in it at your own rhythm. It is freedom and efficiency all at once.

[Keep reading in the Homepage to find out how to Easily Register and Create Your Blog in Qualitative Life.]




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Register, then Create Your Blog

Register in and create your blog

If you’re shy with computers and WordPress seems too difficult to handle, don’t worry. You are not alone.
And if your computer is too old to handle new sophisticated things, that’s just the same. The crisis hits hard.

Let me help you “Keep It Simple“. I will show you how to get to a point where you can very simply obtain something beautiful to express your ideas to the world, and all in a very very simple way.

Keep It Simple, Sweetheart!

Never take a bigger step if you don’t fully understand it.
Just follow the steps below to Register in and create your own blog with WordPress made simple.

(Copy-paste this page in a Wordpad and go!)

if you are not there yet

1. Registering in “Qualitative Life”
Before you do anything, choose:
– your username – For instance, for someone named Amanda Lefort: amandalefort
– your profile name – For instance: amanda-le or amandale
– your password
– an image representing you: real photograph, or any picture you pick on internet, but small (size 150×150 pixels if your know Photoshop, or a little larger, not smaller). It must be a .jpg type.
– The name of your blog: “amanda blog” for instance, or words that better represent the content you want to have in your blog. (It can be anything, this is only to create the URL address of your page. The title that appears in your blog can be changed any time, but the URL will remain identical).
– The title of your blog: it can be something like “Amanda and the Dolfins” or “My Life in New York” or anything else.
– The title and text of your first “post”: something about you, or your favorite joke, or a story you like, a poem, or anything important you would like people to know about.

Registration process
Now, copy-paste this link in your browser:
Everything is already in English in the menus of the page.
In the page that appears, click on “create an account” (on the right side).
You are going to type everything in low case letters (no capital letter)
Type your “username” in the box on the left side, and your “profile name” in the box on the right side.
Type your email address.
Type your password. Twice.
Tick the box at “Yes, I’d like to create a new blog”.
Type your blog name in this way: “amandablog” or “amanda-blog” (no space) to finish the URL address (will not be changed).
Now write your full blog title : my life in new york (for instance. Can be changed any time).
Tick “yes” for “I would like my blog to appear in search engines”.

Continue filling up the fields that request more information from you. (This may change with time, as the community finds best means to fight spammers and sploggers). If asked to tell what you prefer between 2 or several items, just type one of them.
Type the captcha code (funny letters) in low case.
Then, on the right side, click on “Complete Sign Up“.

You are not registered yet. You will receive a confirmation email in a few minutes or hours. Write down your login (username) and password somewhere in a notebook to avoid forgetting them!

Change your avatar
The machine has given you a funny image as an ID. You can change it now. Click on “change your avatar“.
Click on “Browse” to pick up the image or photo of yourself in your computer, then click on “Upload Image“. If your image is larger that 150×150 pixels, you will see a square box with arrows enclosing part of the image. Move this box until it encloses the part you prefer, then click on “Crop Image” (only the part enclosed in the box will be seen).

Confirm your registration
Last operation: go to your e-mail box. You have received an email in which you must click on a link so that your registration is complete. As long as this is not done, you cannot enter your account. (It takes several hours sometimes).

with a simple template

2. Creating your blog
Now that you have clicked on the link in the e-mail, you can enter “Qualitative Life” as a member. Return to the homepage: (it’s in your browser now)
In the column on the right side, type your login (username) and password.
The page appears again. The top black line has changed.
Pass your mouse on “My Blogs“: you will see the full name of your blog as you wrote it when registering.
When you pass the mouse on it, you will see a sub-menu appearing.
Click on “Dashboard“. That’s where you write things in your blog.
A big page full of words appears. Don’t fret. Most of it isn’t useful at first.
The most important part is the column on the left side of the page.

Changing the title and tagline
Go to the bottom of the left-side colum, open the “Setting” menu (bottom left) and click on “General“.
That’s where you change the “site title”: add capital letters, or write a totally different title for your blog, as you like.
The “tagline” is a small line of text appearing on the right side of your blog above the “header” image. You can change it as you like.
Leave the rest as it is, and click on “Save Changes” at the bottom of page.

The Posts menu
Click on “Posts“, a menu appears.
Click on the small “Posts” below the big “Posts”.
A post is a message you write in your blog for people to read. It must have a title that will be seen in the posts list in the side column of your blog.
New lines appear in the main part of the page: you can see that a default post has been added by the machine when creating your blog.
You can delete it: pass your mouse on the title, then click on “trash“. It’s gone.

Write a new post
On the left side, under “Post“, click on “Add New“.
New things appear in the main part of the page.
In the box that says “Enter title here“, type the title of your post. (Now you can use capital letters as you like).
Then there is a line of icons. Below it, there is another box: That’s where you type the text of your post. Write your message.
When you have finished writing, click on “Publish” (like in the image below).

A new line appear, saying : “Post published. View Post“.
Click on “View Post”.
Your blog page appears.
You’re done! You have created your blog. You can stop at this point if you wish.
To return to the “Qualitative Life” main page, click on the top line menu, left side or use your browser’s return arrow.
To return to your dashboard, look at the bottom of the side column in your blog. It says “Meta” (that’s a “widget”) and there is a list of items below, the top one saying: “Site Admin“. The “Site Administrator” is you. Click on “Site Admin” to return to your blog’s dashboard.
If everything is OK with your new post, click on “log out” (top right) then on “back to … (name of your blog)” in the top line.
You are back in your blog, but as a visitor this time. You are logged out of the “Qualitative Life” community. You are seeing how your blog will appear in Google.

3. Visiting other people’s blogs in “Qualitative Life”
Now that you are logged out, visit other blogs in the community. (If you are still logged in, click on “Qualitative Life” in the top menu line, then on “log out” in your account menu.) See how you appear to someone who is not a community member:
– In the second-top menu line, click on “Blogs“. You get the blogs list and you can change the sort-out key “Order by…” on the right side.
– Click on “Members” to get the members list (same sort-out keys).
When you log in, you will be able to click on a person’s avatar to see their blogs and activities, and to ask them to become your friends if your like what they write.

4. Changing your blog’s appearance
When you have seen other people’s blogs, you may want to change the appearance of your own.
You may not like the picture – the “header” – in your blog.
You can change that. Log in again.
To return to the “Dashboard” page, pass your mouse on “My blogs” in the top black line then on the name of your blog, then click “Dashboard”.

The “Theme”
In the “Appearance” menu (columns on the left side), click on “Theme“.
The “themes” are templates, i.e. pre-determined colored frames, with or without an image, inside which your posts will appear.
The default one (“twenty-ten 1.1”) has a header image (man with a line of trees) that can be changed.
You can pick another “theme” (in “Available Themes” below) in which you don’t have to change the header.

(Warning: Don’t try the “Constructor” theme! It is a blank page with a tiny little yellow logo on top. As the name indicates, this theme needs YOU to construct everything in it. That’s for people who are computer savvy and WordPress lovers. If you are reading this blog, you are not ready to use it yet.)

Pick any other theme. Click on “Preview” to see what it looks like with your post in it. You can click on “Activate” to definitely have it for your blog instead of the default one if you wish.
But at the moment I suggest you stay with the default theme to continue following this tutorial. It can be customized by changing the header image and the background color, as follows.

Changing the “header” image
Prepare an image in your computer.
If you have no image of your own (like a photograph you took, something that has no copyright tied to it), go to this website:
There are hundreds of pictures without copyright in there, at everybody’s disposal. Choose what you like.
For the “header” in your blog, the image must be 940×198. If it is not wide enough, you can enlarge it in Photoshop (if you don’t have Photoshop, when choosing an image in the “Public Domain” website make sure the width is large enough. For instance, click on “Balboa Park” in the “Categories”. Click on “Lotus Blossom”. Right click on it then click “Save picture as”, to download it in your computer. Give it a name – like lotus.jpg -, using no capital letters.)
Now, back in the “Qualitative Life” page, log in and open your blog’s Dashboard.
Open the “Appearance” menu on the left side, click on “Header“.
Click on “Browse” and find your choosen image in your computer. Click on “Upload“. The image appears with a rectangular dotted box over it. Move this rectangle until it encloses your favorite part of the image: this will be the “header”. Click on “Crop Image“. Then on “Apply“.
Now it appears in your Dashboard page. (You can change this image any time).

Changing the background color (appears on the sides of your blog page)
In “Appearance” click on “Background“. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on the link “select a color“.
A colored circle appears, with a colored square inside it.
On the circle, choose the color you would like to put around your blog to match the header, by moving the dot that is in it.
Then, in the square, move the dot to fine-tune the color you have chosen (adding more black, or more white, etc.): the new color appears in the large box above the color circle. (You can change it again any time).
When all this is complete, click on “Apply“.
Now, click on “View blog“. Your blog appears with the new header and color.
You’re done!
Return to the “Qualitative Life” main page by clicking in the top line menu. Never use the return arrow in your browser, this would take you out of “Qualitative Life”.

Now you can write more posts, on everything you would like to share with readers. You can ad dozens and dozens of new posts in your blog. Have fun!

You can write things on different topics, and have the blog software sort them out.
In your Dashboard, under “Posts” click on “Categories“. You can create as many categories as you like, such as: “News” – “Poems” – “My videos” – etc. When you write a new post, you have the “categories” list on the right side. Tick the one you choose for your post, an un-tick “Uncategorized”.

You can put the post you just wrote in a category: Open “Posts”, you have the post list. Pass your mouse on the title of your post, then click on “quick edit“. This will open the category list on the side. Tick the one you choose.

More things can be done to make your blog interesting, like putting your text in colors, adding pictures, a video from YOUTUBE, etc. You can discover that all by yourself.

One last thing: Say Thank You!

If you borrowed images in a Public Domain Photo website to enhance your blog, don’t forget to drop a line like this one somewhere in your blog:

The images in this blog are courtesy of the following Public Domain Photo websites:

The photographer will be grateful.

Come back once in a while to see what’s new in my blogs:

Seen and Unseen

Indigo Bleu

I hope this page has been useful to you.




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