What Is a Blog?

You may wonder what a blog is and why create a blog rather than a web site of your own.

A blog is like an online journal which is displayed in reverse chronological order. You may choose to post new blog entries as often as you desire: more than once per day, daily, weekly, monthly or even at a less frequent interval. You can choose to publish a blog on a specific topic and nothing else; or, the postings in your blog will be typically related in some way but can be about any subject you feel the need to share with other people. Bloggers may maintain a blog for a number of different reasons and these blogs may be private or public in nature.

Maintaining your Blog Private or Public?

Private blogs are ones in which only the blogger and others who have been approved by the blogger can view the blog postings. Public blogs are available to any users of the Internet. A blogger may opt to make a blog private or public depending on whether or not he is comfortable with others reading the blog. For example, a blogger who creates a blog for the purpose of venting about frustrations in life may opt to keep a blog private so friends or family members are not able to read these vents. Conversely a blogger who is blogging for a purpose such as to promote a cause will likely opt to make the blog public so his message can reach as many Internet users as possible.

[“Site Visibility”: To keep your Qualitative Life blog from being seen by unwanted people, go to your Dashboard, on the left-side bottom of the page click on the “Settings” menu and then on “Privacy”. You have two options there: “I would like my blog to be visible to everyone, including search engines…” and “I would like to block search engines, but allow normal visitors”. Tick the one that fits your needs. If you tick the second option, only people who have been given your blog URL will be able to reach your blog, and your blog will not appear in any search engine such as Google or Yahoo!.]

People who create a blog to express themselves through their writing, poetry or other form of expression may opt to make the blog private or public depending on whether or not they want to make these personal feelings available to others, and whether or not they feel that other people may benefit from reading their blogs. Blogging can also be done to stay in touch with family and friends. Blogging in this case can be a great deal of fun but the blogger must be sure to avoid allowing the process of maintaining the blog to become a stressful situation. A blog which is maintained for personal reasons should be an enjoyable experience for the blogger.

Why Not a Professional Blog?

Professionally, a blog can be a good means to share information and keep contact with your customers or clients, especially if you are a therapist or a coach, a freelance writer, researcher or reporter. Creating a blog is much easier than putting up a web site. It takes some computer skills and a good website-creation engine to make your own web site, and you have to define the pages in it once and for all; you need to purchase some server space, and use a specific software to post your site in there.

Conversely, when you create a blog, server space is free and immediately available; you can create your first page right now with the help of a number of easy tools at your disposal, and it is immediately online as soon as you push the “Publish” button. You can edit it any time, and add more entries and pages in it at your own rhythm. It is freedom and efficiency all at once.

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