Out of Body Journey, You Can Do It

Leaving the body consciously and coming back:

In his videos, William Buhlman explains how that is possible.

Babies do it all the time. As they grow up, they discover that this is not at all a topic of conversation with mom and dad. They forget about it and lose the ability.

It is only our mental mind that blocks us. It tells us that if we leave our body, we die.

But it is not true. We can.

Just try.



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A Trip to the Center of the Galaxy

In the CLUB QUALITATIVELIFE, the 3D virtual worlds created by Jean Paul Appel Guéry can take you to the center of the galaxy.

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Beginning the Year with Fairies

I wish you the best in Truth, Kindness and Beauty for 2017

YouTube Preview Image



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Are you Cosmic?


by visiting Club Qualitativelife. http://clubqualitativelife.com/


Register (better to see more information there) and scroll the list of VIRTUAL WORLDS. Of course you can also enter without registering).

Before you take a trip, make sure you have activated the UNITY3D and FLASH plugins in your browser.

If you don’t see a white page with a white line indicating that it is downloading, that means you don’t have the plugins activated.

1- Download them in the page.

2- Activate them by visiting the list of plugins in the “options” menu of your browser.

Have a nice trip!



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Vision from Elsewhere

Imagine the future

Living in a garden, where presences from other worlds visit.


Just imagine. It could be to-morrow. It’s now on your mind.

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Your soul

How often do you think about your soul?

Just think about this very subtle part of yourself and you will feel better.

Clear your mind from all thoughts, elevate your energy, call her and she wraps you in her wings to fly you to her world.



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Winter is a good time to remember the Sun…

A warm-up for the “black months”

In my country, Brittany (which is currently a part of France, but has not always been), it is said that November and December are the “dark months”. In the old britton language, November is called Miz-du” or “the black month” due to the Samain passage, and December is called “Miz-kerzu”, which means “month of the dark house”.

As the light of the Sun wanes, the days are short and cold and we need to remember that it will come again bright and warm.

And we long for the Sun to return…

That was the beginning of traditions in ancient times, and from traditions, religions emerged.

This is a good opportunity to remember a post I published here some time ago. Go to this page, and watch the ZEITGEIST videos. Certain truths are worth remembering every once in a while.

Click here to get to the ZEITGEIST videos.

The SUN is the best and closest image of God that human beings can ever cherish.

But we are of cosmic origin and we belong in the vast universe. Let’s take a leap and escape the limitations of our solar system:


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Get a Free Healing Session

Can You Be Healed Just by Watching a Video?

Believe. Get a Free QUANTUM K Healing Session with Andrew Kemp

Open the VIDEO page by clicking on this link:


Visit Andrew Kemp’s web site for more information:

QUANTUM K Returning to our original blueprint




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Opening of the Ajna Chakra

Decalcify Your Pineal Gland!

If you can’t meditate and your dreams are not in full colors, it may be that your pineal gland is calcified, says this lady in the video below. An idea worth considering.
A guided meditation to unblock your Ajna Chakra

Published on APRIL 2nd, 2012
A lot of you have been asking whether or not it’s possible to reverse the damage caused by fluoride calcification. The answer is YES! You can decalcify the pineal gland, and restart your natural production house of seratonin, melatonin, and DMT.
Simple steps to decalcify:
1. Stop consuming fluoride in all it’s forms. (Reverse osmosis water filtration, fluoride free toothpaste, mouthwash and gum.)
2. Eat a healthy, vegetarian diet, consisting mainly of fresh, organic, non GMO fruits and vegetables! (This step was left out of the video- but very important! The bodies ability to heal and reverse the damage of fluoride poisoning is greatly accelerated when we consume foods that cleanse, rather than foods that build up.)
3. Meet your daily requirements of essential fatty acids through raw foods! (Coconut, avocado, sesame seeds, nuts, superfoods like acai and goji berries, etc.)
4. MEDITATE! The guided meditation shared here is ideal for the decalcification process, as it focuses on third eye awareness, and the reversal of verbalized thought process. Do it as often as possible, and look forward to vivid dreams, deep meditations, spiritual joy, and a natural ease of life.
When the pineal gland is working properly, life is bliss!




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Winter Solstice Is Time to Understand Something

These videos explain where all religions come from.


YouTube Preview Image

THE SOLAR MYTH video n°3

YouTube Preview Image

MOSES’ STORY video n°4

YouTube Preview Image

I did not post these videos to say: forget all religious feeling, atheism is better”. No. I say: “look, seek for the truth, for it is available out there.” God is a feeling that we all have inside. You can get a glimpse of the real structure of the universe and who we are as human beings in the teachings of the UNITARY SCIENCE INSTITUTE.




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