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A free francophone directory  with a theme-guide.
You’ll find more than 51,873 sites in this directory.

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Fresh indeXweb.info tells you instantly which sites cover a particular topic.
We have manually identified  3944 different themes.

Free SEO – Directory, Forum, Software and Tools.
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Free directory, Top Promotions – Top reductions – Top, Top

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The Keroinsite Pages is a directory of free websites.
Browsing through our many categories, you’ll find a selection of the best websites.
This directory offers several hard links to make easier and faster the ranking of the sites listed.

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Annubel.com is a free directory focusing on Belgium and providing hard links and rewrites.

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General directory Oubah! – Thousands of links to visit.

Welcome TagBox.fr,
TagBox is a general directory of websites.
The sites are ordered via a tag system.
To make easier your search in the directory:

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Ranked Sites: 36051   Pending Sites: 1796   Denied Sites: 5886   Categories: 2883   Key-words: 2086   Webmasters: 24177

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The French Guide to the Best Blogs in 2010