Songs to play when you are drunk.

I don’t like wine. It is a form of paint stripper which is why people sip it rather than neck the lot. But I do appreciate this song because it is a song of love to alcohol.
It pretends not to be. It pretends that there is a woman involved. But if you are drunk you can see straight through this. The real message is “Drink and ye shall be happy”.

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The Irish. What a nation. You cant teach them anything about drinking. The next song is called I’m A Rambler, I’m A Gambler
There is a line in this song that says
“If you dont like me then leave me alone.”
This is exactly how I feel when I am drunk. I either want to be with people that I like or nobody, and Im happy either way.
An uptempo song that puts you in a good mood.

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People that drink tequilla are alcoholics. The only good thing about the drink is the salt and the lemon.
There is a period of being drunk where dancing becomes absolutely necessary. So you wander and stumble onto the sticky dancefloor and in your mind you make Fred Astair look like Boris Karloff.

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