Alternative to Nuclear Plant (2) Bloom Energy Announces Bloom Electrons℠. Clean, Reliable, Affordable Energy Without the Initial Expense

Bloom Energy Announces Bloom Electrons℠.
Clean, Reliable, Affordable Energy Without the Initial Expense
Over 20MW (200 Bloom Boxes) of 24/7 Electricity Service Secured; Customers Benefit from
Immediate Cost Savings, Carbon Reduction, and Energy Security
Pasadena, CA – January 20, 2011— Bloom Energy®, today announced Bloom Electrons℠, a
service that allows customers the flexibility to purchase electricity provided by the Bloom Box
without incurring any other costs. The new Bloom Electrons service has generated tremendous
interest with existing and new customers.
The Bloom Electrons service allows customers to lock in their electricity rates for 10 years,
delivering fixed predictable costs and significant savings versus the grid. Bloom manages and
maintains the systems on the customers’ sites and the customers pay only for the electricity
consumed. This allows immediate cost savings with no initial investment, making onsite clean,
reliable, affordable energy more accessible.
In today’s economy, the ability for companies to have the freedom of choice to either purchase
the Bloom Box or utilize the Bloom Electrons service while achieving savings under either
program is very appealing. Under the Bloom Electrons service, customers can immediately
save up to 20% on their energy bills. New Bloom Energy customers such as California Institute
of Technology, BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), and Kaiser Permanente will see
immediate benefits from this program, as will repeat customers such as Walmart, The Coca-
Cola Company and Staples Inc. as Bloom Electrons allows them to quickly scale their
deployments. This coupled with the opportunity to have cleaner, more reliable on-site electricity
makes Bloom Electrons a compelling economic and environmental choice.
“Bloom Electrons is about providing universal access to clean, reliable, affordable energy.
Empowering our customers to buy energy on their terms is another significant step on our
journey to change the way energy is generated and consumed in the world,” said KR Sridhar,
principal co-founder and CEO of Bloom Energy. “We are thrilled to welcome new customers and
take special pride in our repeat customers.”
Bloom Electrons is a service that opens the door to new types of customers such as non-profit
organizations, educational institutions, and utilities. The California Institute of Technology, one
of the world’s most highly regarded scientific and technology universities, is one of the first to
benefit from the Bloom Electrons with a 2MW installation.
“Bloom Energy enables Caltech to more effectively carry out its core mission of research and
education by providing cleaner, more economical and predictable power which ultimately helps
us achieve our strategic infrastructure and sustainability goals” said Dean Currie, vice president
for Business & Finance at Caltech.
Fuel choices such as natural or biogas allow customers to manage their carbon footprint and
Bloom Box modularity enables the solution to be scaled for specific sites. Now Bloom Electrons
gives customers financial flexibility as well. Customers can continue to buy Bloom Boxes as a
capital purchase or choose to sign up for the Bloom Electrons service. Bloom Energy created
this program in collaboration with Credit Suisse and Silicon Valley Bank.
“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to partner with Bloom Energy to structure Bloom
Electrons, a unique service to secure baseload electricity. Bloom Energy has developed a
technology that can transform the energy landscape and we look forward to supporting Bloom
throughout its growth,” said Jerry L. Smith, managing director at Credit Suisse.
To date, the Bloom Energy fleet has provided customers over 40 million kilowatt-hours and
eliminated approximately 45 million pounds of CO2 emissions. Today’s announcement of Bloom
Electrons and the 200 new systems that will initially be deployed, represent the next step on the
path to deliver clean, reliable and affordable energy to everyone in the world.
About Bloom Energy
Bloom Energy is a provider of breakthrough solid oxide fuel cell technology that generates
clean, highly-efficient power onsite from virtually any fuel source. Bloom Energy’s mission is to
make clean, reliable energy affordable for everyone in the world. The Bloom Energy Server is
currently producing power for several Fortune 500 companies. The company is headquartered
in Sunnyvale, CA. For more information, visit

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  1. cristalina says:

    Thank you Loic!!! I have found this information very valuable and I have sent it to a friend that is in charge of a research group designing and promoting alrternative energy systems for the island of Crete in Greece.

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