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EnchantedForest at Night
*** Multi Avatars ***


Instructions to enter the multi-avatar virtual world

In this multi-avatar virtual game, you will be able to create your avatar when you log in for the first time:

1-Click on the “Enter the Multi-Avatar Enchanted Forest” link appearing on the homepage of The Unity program starts to download the world...
2-Click on "Connect"
3-Click on "Register". A new window opens.
4-Enter a "Username", which will identify your avatar in this game, and choose a password.
5-Then, choose your hierarchy among the "Alliance", "Guild", "Tribe" and "Horde". Indicate your gender : Male or Female. (***Note that the « Unitary » hierarchy is reserved to the Game Master. You'll notice that all characters belonging to this category appear in white with a padlock.)

Once you have completed the registration, you will be automatically redirected to the login page. There, you'll need to re-enter your username and password. You'll have to use the same username and password for all future entries in the game if you want to play with the same avatar and make it gradually evolve to higher levels.

To move your avatar in the game, follow the instructions below:

To move forward (3 ways): Hold down the left and the right mouse’s buttons or press the W key on your keyboard or press the “up” arrow on your keyboard

To move backward (2 ways): Press the S key on your keyboard or press the “down” arrow on your keyboard

To turn to the right: While holding down the mouse's buttons, move your mouse to the right.

To turn on the left: While holding down the mouse's buttons, move your mouse to the left.

To go up: Slide your mouse to push it away from you (still holding down the two mouse's buttons) or press the spacebar

To go down (2 ways): Slide your mouse towards you (still holding down the left and right mouse's buttons) or press the X key

To change your angle of view (3 ways): Hold down the right mouse button while moving the mouse towards the direction you want or press the right or left arrow key on your keyboard or press the A or D key on your keyboard

To zoom in and out: Use the mouse wheel. This will change the distance in between you and your avatar.

If you use a joystick: Verify that each axis and buttons of your joystick are in tune.

To have a front view of your avatar: Position your cursor on your avatar and hold down the left mouse button while slowly sliding your mouse to the right or to the left.

If you want to hide or show the other avatars' names, simply press the Ctrl and Alt keys simultaneously on your keyboard. 

Hope to see you in this multi-avatar virtual world! 

The QualitativeLife Team.