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The Sacred Mirror

Firefox or Opera recommanded to view this 3d world
Fullscreen not available on IE7 and IE 8

If you do not have the Unity3D plugin installed in your browser...
Look on the right side of your screen and you will see the "Unity install now" logo.
Click on it. Then click on "run" to install the plugin. Once installed, click on finish or close. Then, the scenes will load up.

Loading this 3d world for the first time...
The first time you enter this world, it will take a few moments to transfer the entire scene (Cable or DSL connection is advised). Once you enter the world, it will cache the scene in your browser,so the next time you enter, it will load almost instantly.

To go FullScreen
Right click on the scene. A small menu appears. Choose the option "Go Fullscreen". Right-click on “Go Fullscreen”. To leave the fullscreen mode, press the Escape (Esc) key.

To move forward (3 ways)
Hold down the left and the right mouse’s buttons.
Press the W key on your keyboard
Press the “up” arrow on your keyboard

To move backward (2 ways)
Press the S key on your keyboard
Press the “down” arrow on your keyboard

To turn to the right
Holding down the mouse's buttons, move your mouse to the right.

To turn on the left
Holding down the mouse's buttons, move your mouse to the left.

N.B.: Making a turn will create a soft rolling movement on your avatar (related to the angle of rotation). You’ll feel like you are truly on board of a spaceship or an airplane. Releasing both of your mouse’s buttons will gradually stabilize again the avatar.


To go up (2 way)
Slide your mouse to push it away from you (still holding down the two mouse's buttons)
Press the spacebar

To go down (2 ways)
Slide your mouse towards you (still holding down the left and right mouse's buttons)
Press the B key

To change your angle of view (3 ways)
Hold down the right mouse button while moving the mouse towards the direction you want
Press the right or left arrow key on your keyboard
Press the A or D key on your keyboard

To zoom in and out
Use the mouse wheel. This will change the distance in between you and your avatar.

If you use a joystick
Verify that each axis and buttons of your joystick are in tune.

To have a front view of your avatar
Position your cursor on your avatar and hold down the left mouse button while slowly sliding your mouse to the right or to the left.


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