A Real Fairy Sighting in North Carolina

A Real Fairy Sighting in North Carolina


When we think of fairies, most of us immediately think of pixies, gnomes, or leprechauns from Ireland. Most of us have no clue that dozens of the Native American tribes in the United States believed in the “little people“, just as the Europeans did for many centuries. In fact, there have been real fairy sightings in the United States for hundreds of years. Some real fairy sightings have occurred in the past couple of years, right here in America. Nonsense, some might say. But if the non-believer would travel back in time to a year when nature was still Queen of the Earth, that non-believer would meet people all over the world (even right here in the United States) who not only believed in fairies but have had many real fairy encounters. To the Cherokee tribe, the little people were just as real as you and I.

The Cherokee tribe of the North Carolina mountains believed in different types of fairies, including the moon-eyed people, laurel people, and more. Of course they had their own Cherokee names for the little people which sounded a lot different than the names presented above.

In many cases, they believed that the fairies were nature spirits who guarded the mountain and the wildlife living on the mountain.