An Ancient Mare in Texas is Touched by Fairy Magic

An Ancient Mare in Texas is Touched by Fairy Magic

Monday, January 25th, 2010

l have believed in the fairy folk for over 50 years, and spent most of my childhood in the forest behind my home looking for them. Now l once again live in a very remote area ( old growth woodlands of eastern Texas) and still go out to hunt mushrooms and see what l can see….l have goats and chickens and 2 welsh ponies as well as dogs and cats.

Are the Fairies at Work?

When feeding my oldest mare yesterday, l noticed that she had a double braid in her lovely mane- something like a “lover’s knot” in the middle with 2 braids cleverly woven coming out of the knot on either side! (IMPOSSIBLE to untangle, so l let it be). Now my family settled this area over 100 years ago and l have heard no stories about the fairies living here.. But as we have had some other strange occurrences around here lately, l wonder if they have sought out remote places to reside, or have we in the USA always had our fair share?

l will say that l am of lrish background ( dating back to the lreland of the Norman Conquest, when my family was given land in return for fighting with William the Conquerer). My ancestors fled lreland to the “colonies” in the 1700′s to escape the wrath of the English… but that is another tale. So, am l just imagining things like my wise old granny or is it possible that wee folk live in my hollow trees?

Melinda Chilton