Fairy Gardens – Fairy Sightings by Youth

Fairy Gardens – Fairy Sightings by Youth

Sara, 10, USA

When I went to where my mom works I saw a faerie. I was walking towards the house there was a row of bushes. Then, I saw one fly out to me. She was gray but cheerful. She stayed there a moment twitching her antennae then left. Another time it was night. My mom’s physic friend and I were on the deck. Then we both looked at the yard and saw a greenish blue glow. She was beautiful. Though we didn’t see her figure her glow enchanted us. I asked if she saw it in a whisper and she whispered back.”Yes, and it’s bluish.” I was astonished she really did see it too!



It’s not as everyone says, they don’t have dust on him or her that’ll make you fly. And I’ve never have seen them do anything magical except exist-but they’ve always been near me. Sometimes when I go to new places I see them. I consider myself extremely lucky and I keep expecting to wake up from a dream. I wonder to myself why they are so comfortable around me. I wish that everyone had the privilege to see one; it brings a feeling of exhilaration that can’t be explained in writing. To know that it’s not just a fairy tale, but it’s real. These beings do exist whether you believe in them or not.