Urban Fairies – Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor – Michigan

Urban Fairies – Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor



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In 2005 I owned a metaphysical store in Toledo, Ohio. During a discussion …. about… fairies … my daughter, who was 16 at the time, had been amusing herself by taking pictures of herself with her digital camera. It was at that time, that she captured this picture of what surely appears to be a fairy!

This is all about the Fairy Doors in Ann Arbor, Michigan and what illustrator, Jonathan b. Wright discovers about them. It includes photographs of the Fairy Doors, comments in the Fairy Journals, Observations and speculations about the Fairies. Tiny Doors, Urban Fairies, Faery, Faeries, Fairy, Fairies, miniature doors, tiny doors, little doors, tiny fairy doors, little fairy doors, little faery doors, tiny faery doors, weensy doors, Sweetwaters Cafe, Peaceable Kingdom, Jefferson Market, The Ark, The Ann Arbor Framing Company, Selo Shevel Gallery, Lakewood Elementary Kindergarten, Fairy ticket window, fairy entrances, fairy windows, fairy spaces, fairy store, fairy shop.


Also on this site are some hidden fairy surprises a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Fairies. There is a brief history of how Jonathan became involved with the Urban Fairies. There are links to local publications about the Urban Fairy phenomenon.

Urban Fairies-Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor

Jonathan is currently writing several books on the fairies in collaboration with his wife, Kathleen, who coincidentally has found a fairy door in her kindergarten classroom. Hopefully it will be fun and informative to come back and see what’s new with the Urban Fairies of Ann Arbor.


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