About Us

We are an organization of inspired creators, idealists, planners of new ideas already presenting innovative concepts on the web about artificial intelligence, psychology, science, paranormal phenomena, creativity, philosophy, transcommunication, interdimensional contacts, spirituality…


You can visit our social network: Quality of Life Club offering a news feed, daily activities, neuronal groups and encounters to exchange and learn on various subjects concerning the universe, sustainable development, energy-free, financial success, health, well-being, emotional life, happiness, personal development, as well as advice, lessons, and access to wonderful 3D worlds allowing you to get out of your daily habits.


Our friends also share their talents and interests in a Community of Blogs named Qualitative Lifehttp://www.qualitativelife.com


Overview our teachings and activities on Youtube
Qualitative Life Videos


Book your journey in our Training and Wellness Centre “Ciel Azul Ibiza” in the beautiful sunny island of Ibiza, Iles Balears in Spain
Ciel Azul Formation Centre



Some of our humanitarian actions around the world:

A central community in Ibiza and some adjacencies
An international network in 30 countries
An orphanage in India
Cintilar Day Centre in Brazil
An agricultural cooperative in Mali