The Breath of Soul

The Breath of Soul
Imagination – Inspiration – Telepathy – Spirituality
Aline Martin

We all have contacts with magic, imaginary and imagination. Our life is a continuous exchange between different vibratory levels which we contact in our daily life, whether we are conscious or not. Creating a little magic in his life is the breath of soul and allows us to connect with the celestial beings. Alyne is a poet since adolescence, words and images passed through her mind inspiring her life with artless ideas. On the way of this imagination appeared all kinds of beings from other dimensions: angels, fairies, imps, friends, sages, interdimensional beings all of them having a precise role in the great harmony of the universe and for each step of her evolution. Imagination brought her to the doors of inspiration, telepathy and spirituality.

Workshop in 4 sessions:

To imagine is a conscious act in several dimensions to propose our own image, color and creation.

– Discover and design your communication tools.
– What do you wish to communicate?
– Connect the magic and the imaginary.
– The way to achieve a project and create your life.

Where Inspiration comes from?

– Purification of the physical and emotional body
– Management of the different levels of energy
– Global harmonization of the inspired ones
– The conscious dream. Out of body experiences.

How to achieve this very particular way of communication?

– Surroundings, Controls
– Management of the light and the darkness
– The mental system
– Beings of Light

Celestial Alliance
Where Imagination, Inspiration and Telepathy become communion and knowledge.

– Find the meaning of incarnation
– The energy body
– Meditation, Inner and outer experiences
– Celestial dimensions of consciousness

Language: English, French, Spanish
On request
150€ Online or in your country with 5 participants

Animation and creation : Aline Martin
Speaker and soul therapist in different centers and universities, local TV shows and radio programs on the energy body, the contact with the invisible worlds and other dimensions of consciousness.

Author of 3 books: J’ai vu les fées, Les secrets de Cristalie and Ribambelle d’enfants.

25 years at The Unitary Science of the Intra-Universe Institute with IJP Appel-Guéry (Jean-Paul Appel-Guéry)
Transpersonal Development of the Human Being Institute with Jean-Paul Pageau
Edgar Cayce Methods with Raymond Castonguay
Floral Elixirs with Fantasia
Gaia Initiation with Daniele Laberge
Babaji Kriya Yoga Initiation with Marshall Govindan
Haha Yoga and Yatha Yoga with Gérard Fortier
Spontaneous Qi Qong with Raymond Dubois

Information : Facebook – Aline LightFairy

The Geisha

La geisha

The geisha is a Japanese woman who learns how to dance, sing and talk from the earliest age. Her role is the one of an hostess one hires in Tea Houses  and parties. She’s not a prostitute. First, her role was held by men but it is now exclusively reserved to women.  (Bibliorom-Larousse – Le Petit Larousse)

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Divine Child

The divine child

Speaking about the divine child, and we’re carried out in this dream of childhood, this absolute purity, where everything was simple, easy and harmonious. IJP Appel-Guéry

How to daily keep in oneself this divine mark that we are entrusted with and that only requires to smile to the creation, to like the creatures and to connect onself to the  Father Creator?

I do not have the great solution, but I have a lot of soft friends who often help me to softening my heart and my life. Some time ago I introduced Appy to you, through the blog, he has many friends, each of them softer than the others and this softness helps to reduce the matter hardness and the life troubles, this life we are always trying to conquer.

So Appy has a name because he is not only a plush, he is a small resonator that makes the bridge between other dimensions. I put some energy on him, and so he has a story and he is alive in a part of my life.

Do you have plushes or cuddly toys that have a name or a story? If not, it is quickly necessary to give them this invaluable gift and to pose a little magic on them.

Your heart will be lighter, therefore your life will be easier and your dreams higher. And one nice morning, you will awake with a child laughing in your heart and you will feel closer God.

Have a nice day


Initiatic Life


A childhood full of signs

My life was strewed with signs coming from other dimensions and telepathic perceptions from other spaces and other times, a continuous and indescribable travel between past, present and future, and moments where I was been living everything simultaneously.

Very young, life taught me through some facts I will never forget: at 7 years old just before Christmas, I told everybody the funny story of a little girl to whom one asked what she would like for Christmas, and she was answering : « mumps ». Christmas in the morning, I woke up with mumps.

I remember an unexplainable experience that happened to me at 12 years old. I went out of the house without any logical reason to look at the sky, and immediately I entered into another state of consciousness as if for one moment I was part of something else. I had a vague feeling of my body in another reality and I was wondering where I was, in the Heaven or on Earth.

After this experience, my life has completely tipped over. Not only I went out of childhood but this year was the one of the Expo 67 in Canada where many countries came to build some original structures on Ste-Helene Island  to represent their culture. I deeply remember the pyramid built by France in which I found myself in the middle of a 360e auditorium showing pictures and people…, not very far of the United States metal sphere and the coloured oriental costumes. I felt at home in this international energy.


An enviable social and emotional crossing

Then I got married, with a lot of material and financial responsibility, but still missing something else to be happy. So the spiritual experiences started. I was 20 years old when I went to my first yoga class. At the end of the class, I started breathing softly to relax every part of my body when suddenly I felt my body so light that I hardly felt it. There has been a presence inside me as subtle as the air I was breathing. I was not only a physical body and it was a very important revelation.

I then started to read a lot, searching intensively to understand what I had seen and who I was because it clearly appeared to me that I was not only a body. I repeated the experience every night to relax, seeking to travel in other dimensions: my nights were full of dreams and images emerging from past incarnations.

But the very strong and creative personality of my husband caught me in successful activities, although I was managing the purchase department of a big construction industry…on the way to success. In the same time I was responsible for 3 teenagers 11 to 13 years old that came to home with my husband after their mother died. The house was always full of people, everybody having a lot of fun.Travelling in the American most famous hotels, my life was exciting: luxury, champagne, flowers and gifts every week. Then I got pregnant after 16 lovely years – it reminds me that I was 9 years old the first time he invited me to the cinema.

Feeling responsible for this incoming being, the important questions came back: what do I know about life and what will I teach to my child? I changed my life, always trying to be with the teenagers, not drinking anymore, starting vegetarianism and courses. I started to have a lot of premonitions and visions for events occurring in the six months to come. In this atmosphere, I have given birth and quit my husband some months after the birth. For the first time, I started seeing life as suffering and loneliness, and 2 other babies came in spite of the fact I decided to keep living alone. My children were all what I had. I was tired with a lack of money, I was depressed, meditating every day, many times a day, trying to see the light in my heart to feel love again. Why should love quit me because the love one won’t be looking at me anymore, although he was always there waiting for my return?


Intense occult and spiritual experiences

Then, like my mother who was a teacher who never stopped learning with all her mysterious books and metaphysical classes, I started a programme of transpersonal development with JP Pageau, who had created the « Institute of transpersonal development of the human being ». Once more, I felt at home. I started a course made up of 12 levels of 12 classes in each level about personal development, physical purification, mastery of emotions, occult worlds, cosmic sciences, spirituality, etc. and thousands of books. It has been heaven-sent.

Once he took some students to listen to many recordings he had recorded 40 years ago with a medium under hypnosis in contact with an Indian master and his disciples who taught him. When I heard a woman voice, I told everybody: “I know her”, and I went to the immense bookcase, a whole wall of books I never touched before, I took a book without looking anything else, I opened the page where was her photo and showed her to everybody. After I had regular contacts with this spirit, and she once appeared almost tangible in my bedroom. I have worked with this man to prove the existence of spirits. And I finally took the charge of the edition of a monthly newsletter for the next 4 years, helping him in his researches and publishing his articles. Then he had retired giving me the list of one thousand students to help me in my project to selling books by correspondence.

And I have bought an immense house to create a community, one of the five unsuccessful attempts to create a community, and I translated a spiritual book. I have taken two years translating this book, denying the idea of mastering my emotions, till the day I finally understood. I have created a conference to share this truth and after the first one, many persons asked me to work regularly with me. The following week, I have created my first seminar based on 4 planes of the human being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. In fact, I had learnt yoga, respiration, concentration, physical purification, my emotions were evolving, bringing me closer to my soul, I had read a lot: «  Life and Teaching of the Masters », « The Spirits Book », « The Urantia Book », etc., I was meditating and I had contacts with other dimensions of consciousness.

After teaching for 3 years in many cities, I opened my own centre « Oasis Santé » with a meditation room, a counsellor office, premises for the selling of natural products and I opened a real bookshop on the main street. I got the royalties for the publication of the translation I had done. Everything were perfect, I had finally succeed to create my life again.

I have had many contacts and experiences with other dimensions, although I didn’t know where it goes, and I started looking for a master who had experiment all these steps. It happened two months later, I was supposed to do a workshop and I asked the people to cancel so that I can go to a conference. I entered the auditorium and I felt the presence of a large ethereal ship, very nice energies, so that four days later I was studying this programme.

I have lost my usual points of reference, the invisible beings who accompanied me up until now was disappearing, but I felt the importance of this teaching and the accuracy of everything that happened to me. After studying one month the brochures, I read the Book I of the Unitary Science of the Intra-Universe, all the night because I couldn’t stop reading: there was a very important activity above my head, vessels, frameworks, were rebuilding my subtle bodies. The fact of learning this particular language and stydies in the same time they were occuring, was incredible. And that was only the beginning of an initiation progression that lasts for the last 20 years.




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