The Breath of Soul

The Breath of Soul
Imagination – Inspiration – Telepathy – Spirituality
Aline Martin

We all have contacts with magic, imaginary and imagination. Our life is a continuous exchange between different vibratory levels which we contact in our daily life, whether we are conscious or not. Creating a little magic in his life is the breath of soul and allows us to connect with the celestial beings. Alyne is a poet since adolescence, words and images passed through her mind inspiring her life with artless ideas. On the way of this imagination appeared all kinds of beings from other dimensions: angels, fairies, imps, friends, sages, interdimensional beings all of them having a precise role in the great harmony of the universe and for each step of her evolution. Imagination brought her to the doors of inspiration, telepathy and spirituality.

Workshop in 4 sessions:

To imagine is a conscious act in several dimensions to propose our own image, color and creation.

– Discover and design your communication tools.
– What do you wish to communicate?
– Connect the magic and the imaginary.
– The way to achieve a project and create your life.

Where Inspiration comes from?

– Purification of the physical and emotional body
– Management of the different levels of energy
– Global harmonization of the inspired ones
– The conscious dream. Out of body experiences.

How to achieve this very particular way of communication?

– Surroundings, Controls
– Management of the light and the darkness
– The mental system
– Beings of Light

Celestial Alliance
Where Imagination, Inspiration and Telepathy become communion and knowledge.

– Find the meaning of incarnation
– The energy body
– Meditation, Inner and outer experiences
– Celestial dimensions of consciousness

Language: English, French, Spanish
On request
150€ Online or in your country with 5 participants

Animation and creation : Aline Martin
Speaker and soul therapist in different centers and universities, local TV shows and radio programs on the energy body, the contact with the invisible worlds and other dimensions of consciousness.

Author of 3 books: J’ai vu les fées, Les secrets de Cristalie and Ribambelle d’enfants.

25 years at The Unitary Science of the Intra-Universe Institute with IJP Appel-Guéry (Jean-Paul Appel-Guéry)
Transpersonal Development of the Human Being Institute with Jean-Paul Pageau
Edgar Cayce Methods with Raymond Castonguay
Floral Elixirs with Fantasia
Gaia Initiation with Daniele Laberge
Babaji Kriya Yoga Initiation with Marshall Govindan
Haha Yoga and Yatha Yoga with Gérard Fortier
Spontaneous Qi Qong with Raymond Dubois

Information : Facebook – Aline LightFairy