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“The BODY is the mirror of the SOUL. A being who realizes in him a physical purification emanates a particular beauty and magnetism.

This is why it is important to pay attention to one’s diet, choosing a light and healthy food, preferably VEGETARIAN.

Our physical body is lent to us the time of our incarnation; let us respect it so that it is truly the temple of our soul and our spirit.

The body is the temple of the spirit

The body is this woman whom the mind must bathe with energy and love before offering it to the spirit.”

extract of the friend of every day of IJP Appel Guery

To enjoy the quality of everyday life, keep or regain excellent health by adopting a diet that supports the optimal functioning of your body.    

Health Food for Qualitative Life :


The law of the signatures is based on the principle “the likes treat the similar ones”

In these examples it can be seen that each food looks like the organ for which it is beneficial:

Nuts for the brain _ Carrots for the eyes _ Mushrooms for the ears _ Grape for the lungs _ Citrus for breasts _ Tomatoes for the heart _ Ginger for the stomach _ Sweet potato for the pancreas _ Avocado for the uterus _ Olives for the ovaries _ Red kidney beans _ Celery for bones

Modern science confirms that this ancient wisdom is astonishingly right

it’s the law of like