How to connect to Teamspeak to speak together ?

In order to talk online with a member of Qualitative Life in the vocal chat, you only need to install TeamSpeak. TeamSpeak is a software that will allow you to discuss with several other members of Qualitative Life at the same time.

Install it TODAY. It is free and very simple to use. You only need to be connected on the Internet and to have a good microphone.

Here are the instructions for installation and setting in order to correctly use it.

1) Download the TeamSpeak2 Software:

with this link

For Windows take the first link


2) Open the software

3) Clic connection

4) Clic connect

5) Clic Local Addressbook

6) Right-click Servers

7) In the board that appears, write Qualitative life and click “enter”

8) A board appears on the right side

9) in ServerAddress, write

10) in Nickname write the name under which you will appear for the contact

11) Tick “Anonymous” below

12) Scroll down and click “Connect”

13) You have entered the general chat, congratulation

2. How to communicate with Teamspeak2

1) Click “Settings”

2) Click on “Sound Input/Output Settings”

3) Click on “Set”, a board opens, asking you to push a key (push to talk) – you can choose the Ctrl key on the left side of your keyboard.

4) Tick “Push to talk” and close the board

5) Now you can talk with other participants. It is best to have a headset with microphone. When you want to speak, push the Ctrl key you have chosen, and when you have finished talking, let go of this key (very important).

When you have reached this point, you are functional.

Now, you have entered the “ACCUEIL” room in Teamspeak. To enter the room in which the encounter takes place, click on “GUEST” twice with the left click of your mouse. Your name appears in the general list of the chat and you can hear other people and talk to them.

If you hear a background voice in the beginning it is normal. To de-activate it:

1. Click on “Setting” then on “Option”

2. Tick “Disable all sounds” then click “OK”.

To see if your sound works correctly, you can check it by yourself:

1) Go to “Settings”, then to “Sound Input/Output Settings”

2) Click at the bottom on “Activate local test”, and push your communication key to talk and check your sound.

3. How to choose a private key to talk to one person

To privately talk with one person or several people in particular, you can choose a key in the digital part of your keyboard on the right side, it is better.

– Firstly, check the correct spelling of the name of the person in the board.

1. Click on “Settings”

2. Then on “Key Settings”

3. Click on “Add”

4. Click on the first “Set” on top left, if it is your first contact, then choose a new key on your keyboard, with which you will talk to your contact.

5. Type the name of the person in “Player to add”. Then click on “Add” on the right side, and the name appears in the right column. Click “OK” and now you can privately chat with this person by pushing this key.


You promise that, in your discussions, you will use no abusive or insulting, obscene, difamatory, threatening or sexual vocabulary, and that you will send no message that might break the laws in application. If you did, you would be immediately and permanently banished from the vocal chatrooms (and your Internet access provider would be informed). You agree with the fact that the webmaster, the administrator and the moderators of these vocal chatrooms have the right to momentarily or permanently banish all users who would not respect the conditions of use of these vocal chatrooms.
By participating in the vocal chatrooms, you pledge yourself to be in agreement with and to respect the above-mentioned rules.