Celtic Spirit / Esprit celte

 As I was born in Brittany, I feel a strong link with the CELTS. I’m sensitive to the Celtic culture and soul which are, at the present time, blooming more and more. That’s probably why  Shakespeare’s language together with King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table’s land appeal so much to me. As a matter of fact, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales could all be my native land somehow !

The CELTS, of Indo-European origin, were masters of iron techniques, formidable warriors, civilizing heros and missionaries of a religious and philosophical thought called DRUIDISM



Megaliths used to be attributed to the Druids. Who were the builders of the megaliths ? It’s difficult to answer this question. Archeological excavations have shown they might have lived during the Neolithic Age. Dolmens and standing stones spread over Europe, Palestine, the Caucasus, India, Korea, Africa. They work as transmitter-receivers of telluric-cosmic waves. The planet has lay lines, interconnecting lines of power, almost like blood vessels and the dolmens are like ganglions, switches if you like. This network is spread all over the globe and the megaliths were placed at powerful junctions. While the lines are unblocked, the planet pulses in harmony, but when they are blocked, it’s like arterial blockage.


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  1. pascelfine says:

    Very beautiful blog, and fresh air from Brittany and clets… ANd “Tri Matelo” from Alan Stivell, all my teen-ager period ! Thanks

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