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Subtle paintings Razboinikov paintings  

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Back to Source

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We are Cosmic Humans

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Computer art exhibition in Koharu SL

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Fire of Spring

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First touchs of spring

Winter to Spring inspiration

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Joyeux Solstice!

Commercial and religious have taken over the true original event: The Winter Solstice: Death and rebirth of our sacred star the Sun wich rhythm seasons, crops and Life since immemorial times.   Lo comercial y religioso se ​​han apoderado del … Continue reading

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“My” Fairies

I took a photo of this litle source in the snow then I saw these fragile ice sculptures I call fairies. …Nature beeings often use mimetism to share their message…

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From Duality to Oneness

Duality could be an exercice to find our connection back to Oneness.

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Fractal universe

The more we elevate ourselves, the more we access to universal source.

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