The guardian

There are guys upthere watching our growth…

But its up to each one of us to reach a higher and inner vibratory level to perceive their presence.

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Le nouveau Soleil à l’oeuvre

Good Morning Sunrise

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An other reality

A rare Sunrise

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blossoms and crystal clear waters

Fragrances and transparencies

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First touchs of spring

Winter to Spring inspiration

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Each form of life can resonate together thanks to its similar structure.

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Winter tree of life

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Winter Spirit

Micro universe is connected to geometry and numerology just as macro universe and inner universe. Up to each of us to find divine order inside ourselves… <3

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Thats what is going on sometimes when we decide to unify the fields of energy through meditations.

Our guides can help coming down to us to balance circuits.

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An other Solstice version

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