SOULMATES The idea of finding that special soulmate and enjoying each other in this life and for eternity has a basis in how this universe works. But is much more profound than finding that “one” person (soul). Soulmates number in the hundreds of thousands, if not a whole lot more, for some souls. Souls don’t have only one soulmate they have a universe of soulmates to engage in and enjoy (if one wanted to). Friendships that are formed and allowed to develop and flourish on Earth planets is a means of expanding a soul family. Such large numbers of intimate relationships are overwhelming and near impossible to grasp in the practical and the physical realms, as on Earth. Where making friends and keeping them can be a tremendous energy-sapping job, which easily cripples the endurance levels of the strongest and most tolerant of people. Souls remain unaware of the numbers of soulmates accumulated while alive and inside of physical bodies. Only becoming aware of the magnitude of soulmates they have after entering the spirit world, from where multitudes of mates are more manageable and in proper perspective. Nonetheless, searching for that one soul mate while in the physical world is sensible. But searching is overstated, and choosing is what happens. People are surrounded by potential soulmates, souls from past lives and new soulmates that form during life experiences. Unfortunately, not all soulmates are fun to be around, or with, due to things that have transpired between souls in past lives or current lives. Whether or not such discrepancies are removed or smoothed over, depends on the two souls involved. Souls can choose to sever loose ends and remove incompatibles from the roster of soulmates. One of the reasons for multiple lives, rebirths, and reincarnations, is to interact with other souls and become soulmates through trial and error. Souls make many friends and enemies during interactions with others. Some things must be mended between souls before they canbe released from the binding physical world and enter the spirit world. Some souls manage to enter the spirit world with unfinished circumstances and find that they cannot advance to higher levels because of lingering regrets keeping them down. They are stuck and in denial about their predicament and roam the world as spectrums, ghosts, haunted and haunting places, where they have resided and created their obstacles, which deny them tranquility.

Lou Baldin 

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